Video Packages

INhouse VIdeo FAQS

How fast do you turn around edits?

Usually, we take about 2-3 days to edit unless your video needs some extra work.

What is the best length for videos?

Shorter videos around 1 or 2 minutes are great for quick shares, and longer ones up to 10 minutes are good for detailed info. We have playbooks to help you determine that based on what you are trying to do.

Are there discounts available?

Sure thing! Save 10% if you pay for three months at a time, or get two months free with a yearly plan. Just shoot us an email at

What types of videos do you create?

We're all about making videos from the footage you have or creating new ones for your video needs. We cover most things but leave out music videos, weddings, big animations, and Hollywood movies :)  Check our samples to see what we do!

How does this service work?

Just sign up, send us your video stuff through our simple workflows, and we’ll get cracking. You can ask for as many changes as you need, and once you love it, it's all yours. We'll keep going through your list, making one awesome video after another.

What does a remote video director do?

A remote video director fine-tunes the technical aspects of your videos, ensuring you look and sound your best. They guide you through the filming process, providing tips and tweaks to speed up content creation.

What is a video audit?

A video audit checks how well your videos are doing. We look at their style, watch times, and how viewers react, then suggest how to make them even better.

What does unlimited video editing mean?

It means you can send in lots of videos, and we'll edit them one by one. Once we finish one, we start on the next!